My husband heard about the Biowashball from a colleague at work, being a bit sceptical we bought
one any way.. and have never looked back! What an ingenious little invention, after cleaning the machine as per the instructions, it did its job beautifully!

We did find that with my little ones messy clothes we needed to use some pre-wash but other than that it has been one of the best things we have bought!

Thank you,

Since using Biowashball my allergies has disappeared.

Dion Heizhausen

I have used biodegradable washing powder for sometime now, but I have never felt entirely
comfortable using that water on my precious garden. So this year, I took another step down
the GREEN MILE, to "walking my talk", and bought 2 BIOWASHBALLS at the Cape Town Natural
and Organic Show in February 2010. I have educated the users and facilitators of the household
washing (with raised eyebrows and sceptical glances), and they work like a dream much to their
surprise. (I need 2 because I have a toploader of 13kg's).

For the first time ever, I am happy to redistribute the water from my washing onto the garden, as
you also only need to use COLD WATER to wash your clothes in so you are SAVING ELECTRICITY
as well as reusing your water and REDUCING YOUR WATER CONSUMPTION (you only fill the machine
twice, once to wash, once to rinse) that you would use to keep your garden nurtured with water.

For my towels, I add a couple of drops of rose geranium to the rinse water (take the balls out) and
they smell awesome.

Their soap to rub the more stubborn dirt with is also fabulous, my daughter is 5 and her clothes from
Pre-School are always filthy, and that takes care of those.

Kind regards
Dee Nangle
The Big Green Directory

I have been using the biowashball for some weeks now and am amazed at how well it works. With
extra stubborn stains I use half a teaspoon of the triple orange gel and they come out easily. The
biowashball is a product that I am recommending to everyone. It has saved me so much money on
detergents which are rising in price monthly and it is comforting to know that I am no longer harming
the environment with harmful products.

Thanks, ladies, for encouraging me to purchase this magic ball.

Kind regards
Karen Harding

Good day,

I recently got a Biowashball as a present from one of my friends, and to say the least… it has
changed my washing day and normal day to day living (as I have a husband with asthma and
sensitive skin)

I would like to know if I can become a "agent" or selling point for the Biowashball.

Looking forward to hear from you soon.

Amanda Beets

I was very sceptical in the beginning. An old towel which has turned grey did change back to
white after just 4 washes. Underwear which caused a rash, improved so much that after the
6th wash the rash was completely gone.


We are using the Biowashball to do handwashing for miners uniforms and that it works wonderfully
for us. My skin also doesn´t get irritated and sore from washing powders any more.


Didn’t believe that the little green balls could do washing effectively. He has a restaurant and
guesthouse. He states that he was previously struggling to get rid of yellow stains from clothing
and after the 5th wash it has disappeared. He is also very pleased with his towels. He also knows
of someone else using the Biowashball who suffers from sinus and after using the Biowashball for
the 1st time his sinus improved dramatically and has now also cleared completely.

Casper Pretorius

Carina says that her little boy wakes with a blocked nose every morning and since using the
Biowashball his nose is completely clear.


Carl says that his baby daughter’s nose was so blocked that they had to get up at night to help
her to breath and to clear her blocked nose. After 2 weeks of using the Biowashball her nose is
clear and she no longer has a blogged nose even in winter in Bloemfontein.


She has a guest house and feels that she will never be able to go without the Biowashballs again.
Her towels are clean and soft.


Jurie has been using the Biowashball for 8 months now. He has a guesthouse and Back Packers
Lodge and feels that he cannot operate without his Biowashballs anymore. His towels and linen
are nice and soft. What he really appreciates about the product is the fact that it is Eco-Friendly
and that the water coming from the washing machine is so clean that it can go straight unto the
garden. He is also saving a lot of money by not having to purchase detergents and softners any


She has been using the Biowashballs for 2 months now, is very satisfied with the results and is
now also selling the product. She was able to remove marmite stains from tablecloths. Although
the product is not a stain remover.


She is a serious environmentalist and was very sceptical about the product. After the 2nd wash
with the Biowashball she was astonished and very surprise.


I am a housekeeper for 2 families and have been using the BIOWASBALL since September 2007. I
really enjoy the Biowashballs. It is easy and effective to use.

One of the family members has an allergy towards detergents and even though we have at times
used Biodegradable products it still didn´t solve the problem. Since we have started using the
Biowashball, her allergies and skin condition has cleared completely.

Patricia Smith

Thank you… I am very happy with the Biowashballs. It really works well even for handwashing.

The Coaching Solution

I am using my BIOWASHBALLS. Please mail me a brochure I gave mine away to a friend in jhb .
My towels seem softer without the washing powder.

I will keep you updated on how we progress.



Thank you for the e-mail. It is truly the most wonderful product I have ever worked with. I have
already washed my sheets and it smells nice, fresh and clean. I will advertise the Biowashball in the

Aunt Pollie

Our daughter, Charlotte, of 15 years old, has always had a serious problem with eczema, mostly the
type concerned with being in touch with detergents or chemicals, not due to diet allergies. Therefor
laundry has always been a problem, because of the effects of clothing, bedding, towels, ect which
caused serious eczema. At times it created secondary infection which could only be healed by using

We´ve been using your green balls (don't even know the name of your product) since beginning of
2008 with our laundry and Charlotte´s eczema now only breaks out when she is on holiday away
from home or sleeping over at a friend, in other words when she is in touch with strange linen ect.

Thank you for your concern about the environment, which includes us as well.

Helene Cronje

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