Frequently Asked Questions

Do I leave my Biowashball in the machine during the rinse cycle?

Yes, you can leave the Biowashball in the machine throughout the entire cycle – the Biowashball will continue its washing action during any rinse cycles.

Can I turn the rinse cycles off in order to save water and electricity?

As there are no chemicals, fillers or residues to remove, there is nothing to rinse out. You can reduce your washing program to the minimum as the rinsing cycle becomes an additional washing cycle, no soaps and foams to rinse out. By doing this and the fact that Biowashball is effective with cold water, you can save water, electricity and time. The water from the washing machine can be recycled and used for irrigation.

Can I use cold water?

Yes, you can use cold water with the Biowashball. The maximum temperature recommended for whites and linen, is 50 deg C.

What about my whites?

The Biowashball does not contain bleach or whitener. There are natural products available with non-chemical whitening properties, which can be used to soak whites overnight, should you feel your whites have become a little dull. Ordinary detergents are very concentrated and they all contain bleach. This is why the colours of your clothing are faded after a couple of washes. Biowashball safegaurd the colours of your laundry. The water we receive from our municipalities are full of chemicals and it is mainly due to these compounds that causes whites to either go grey or yellow. This can be different depending on the quality of water you receive from the different municipalities nationally.

Tip on treating white laundry:

For a 4kg wash, add 1/2 a cup of fresh lemon juice once or twice a month without the Biowashball. For an 8kg wash add 1 cup. The following can also be used with Biowashball: 2 tablespoons Bicarbonate of soda or 1 teaspoon of Hydrogen Peroxide BP grade available from your pharmacy. These elements are beneficial to nature and humanbeings.

Will Biowashball remove stubborn stains?

Biowashball is not a spot and stain remover. As when using ordinary washing powders, spots and stains still have to be pre-treated.

Is Biowashball effective with hard water?

Yes, the Biowashball works in all water types. It softens hard and borehole water and will be more effective than with chemically treated water.

Can I use some detergent with my Biowashball?

Yes, you can use a little biodegradable detergent in the machine when using your Biowashball.

Will the Biowashball damage my delicate fabrics?

Washing machines can be very rough on delicate clothes and it is therefore recommended that all delicates be placed in a laundry bag prior to washing.

How long has Biowashball been around?

Biowashball has been available in Europe for 5 years and in SA since January 2008. Currently over
10 000 clients.

How does Biowashball work?

Inside the plastic sphere the different types of ceramics consist of TM or Effective Micro organisms which are beneficial to nature. It is these micro organisms which naturally promotes the decomposing of organic material and therefore helps our soil to re-energize itself and at the same time help to clean our groundwater system from pollution. The ceramics have the ability to break the water surface tension so that water which is the solvent(natural cleaning agent) penetrate easily in between the fibres of laundry and can be effective as the cleaning agent. At the same time, changing the pH of the water to between 8 and 10 alkaline which is ideal for cleaning. The ceramics emits negative ions into the water which attach to the dirt particles which is a positive ion. This then get washed out during the washing process of the washing machine. Therefore this water can be recycled and is beneficial to our gardens and soil.

Why do I need to put the Biowashball in the sun?

The sun rejuvenates the photosynthetic microorganisms inside the ceramics.

What does the laundry smell like?

A fresh, clean smell. We have been conditioned to thinking that in order for our clothes to be clean they must be perfumed. The perfume in normal washing detergent is there to mask the strong chemical smells.

Why can’t I use softeners?

Softeners coat the fabrics to stop the chemicals and chlorine from adhering to them. Biowashball breaks down the surface tension of the chlorine and thus prevents it from adhering to the fabric. Softeners would also coat the ceramic balls which would stop them from changing the properties of the water resulting in an ineffective wash. You may use a biodegradable softener only.

What if I have used softener with my Biowashball?

You should soak your Biowashball in bicarbonate of soda for a few hours to release the softener from the ceramic balls.

What guarantee is there that it works?

There are currently over 10 000 satisfied customers in SA alone which speaks for itself and some with great testimonials. Please refer to our website for these.

How will I know when it has reached the end of its life?

You will begin to notice that your clothes are not as clean as they should be. It will then be time to buy a new Biowashball. Within one to two weeks you will feel that your clothes is not that soft anymore, and because of the antibacterial effect of the Biowashball, your laundry might not smell so fresh anymore. These symptoms will be noticeable within 2 weeks.

Is Biowashball endorsed by washing machine manufacturers?

Miele in South Africa is currently promoting Biowashball by selling it in their shops. Biowashball has been thoroughly tested in all different washing machines before it was released into the market place. There is no way that Biowashball can damage any washing machine for the following reasons:

  • The plastic from the Biowashball is a soft food grade plastic which is durable with 100% natural pigment so that it can be recycled after its life span
  • The Biowashball cannot be opened as it is a sealed unit, hence the ceramic pellets inside cannot escape into your washing machine and enter into the openings of the drum and get stuck in the mechanical parts of the washing machine
  • Even if a pet chews the Biowashball (which has happened) and then swallows the pellets, it is completely safe as the ceramics are not poisonous
  • Another positive contribution from Biowashball is the fact that it releases negative ions which works against oxidation of the metal parts of your washing machine and at the same time is a much more hygienic method and process than washing powders. No residue accumulating which traps bacteria and cause fungus growth

Biowashball has been nominated in April in Italy as a 2009 winner of the WELL TECH awards for best environmental design. This means that the product has been tested by specialists.

The following ratings apply and for more certificates etc., please visit our website.

  • Biowashball has an ISO/IEC 17025 rating. Certificate no: ROK0802C
  • Registered as a Medical product in Switzerland "Biowashball is labelled Swiss Pharmacode 3769669"
  • Biowashball carries the CE marking – This certifies that the product and company (manufacturer), comply with the European Community regulations for Eco-Friendly and Green products

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