Tips & Instructions


  • Read the brochure with instructions inside the box
  • Clean out your washing machine with 2 cups vinegar doing a rinsing cycle with the water as
    hot as possible, x 2, without any laundry or the Biowashball. After this it will still take a couple
    of weeks before your washing machine becomes clean, normally 6 weeks or more depending on
    the age of the washing machine and products used with your laundry
  • The size of your washing machine are directly related to the amount of washing balls needed to
    do effective cleaning. Using 1 Biowashball is effective with a 4 to 5 kg washing machine and not
    loaded more than 3.5 kg laundry
  • When loading your washing, rather do easy loads as to allow the Biowashball to get to all the
    water to create the correct ph
  • Continue to pretreat spots and stains, collars ect before, like you used to do when using
    washing powders
  • Never use softener with Biowashball. This is not allowed as it kills off the micro- organisms
    inside the ceramics who is doing the work
  • The brochure inside the box does mention that for dirty washing you can add 1/5th of your
    normal detergent, we suggest a biodegradable washing powder or liquid
  • Due to the fact that there are no more bleach in the washing process, no more washing
    powders, whites can be treated by adding 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda or 1 teaspoon
    of hydrogen peroxide with Biowashball - these items is also anti bacterial. Or treat whites only
    every 2nd week by washing with ½ cup of fresh lemon juice only , no Biowashball. Any
    biodegradable bleach (available at wpk at a very affordable price) can also be used
  • The Biowashball is not a miracle like some people wants it to be but simply a means to an end.
    Helping us to lessen our global pollution on this planet (our carbon footprint)


  • Treat all spots and stains before washing and preferably with a biodegradable product like aleppo soap also available from Biowash SA.
  • For sweaty sportsmans clothes, simply soak overnight with biowashball in washing machine and continue washing cycle as normal in the morning.
  • If a nice smell is required then please use a biodegradable softener only, no staysoft.
    Please try and recycle your greywater from your washing machine where ever possible.

We thank you for contributing to a safer and healthier environment. We trust that the above will help you using biowashball more effectively and would appreciate any feedback.

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